Lambton is a very interesting municipality, located in Estrie region – Eastern Townships, it the Granit County. The town has a population of 1600, but it doubles in summer when a great number of vacationers come here. 

At the end of the 1830, a group of colonists from Great Britain, draw by the beauty of the nearby lakes St-François and Lambton, settle at this picturesque site. Lambton was founded as a municipality on April 22, 1847.

The founders named the new village in honour of John George Lambton, Lord of Durham and Governor General of Canada in 1838. Since the foundation, the English and the French-Canadians live here side-by-side, but today the area is predominantly Francophone.

Lambton’s prosperity springs from tourism, agriculture, and processing of raw materials.

The town was struck by a great fire and destroyed on August 22, 1905. The fire claimed the rectory, convent and about thirty homes in Lambton on that occasion.

The St-Vital church of Lambton, built in 1907, is a masterpiece of architect Georges-Emile Tanguay. It has the grandeur of a cathedral, and it sits proudly in the centre of the village. Both, the church and the rectory have been declared heritage sites.

Art gallery of Lambton is located in the rectory. This exhibit and handmade crafts is very popular.

The Carnival Ti-Cube of Lambton is held in the village on the first weekend of February since 1978. It offers activites for the whole family and a hockey tournament. 

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