The municipality of Kipawa is situated in the administrative area of Abitibi-Temiscamingue, in the Temiscamingue County. The municipality is composed of two urban clusters, namely Tee Lake and Kipawa. Obviously, the first sector is located close to Tee Lake and the second one is situated on the edge of the Kipawa Lake. Today, about 500 people live there.

The Hudson Bay Company settled in the area of Kipawa around 1850, when lumberjacks came to establish along the edge of the Kipawa Lake. The forestry industry becomes thus important.

With the arrival of the railroad, a score of forestry companies establish around the lake. A municipality of Kipawa is formed in 1985. The name of the community has an aboriginal origin. It means “closed water”. The Eagle Village algonquine Reserve is located nearby. Well, actually, it’s an enclave within the territory of Kipawa.

For tourists, there are about twenty outfitters and an excellent snowmobile trail in Kipawa. Local lakes attract many hunting and fishing amateurs. Visitors also can the Commonwealth Plywood sawing and rotary cutting plant.

There is potential for development in the tourism sector of Kipawa, as bicycle, ATV, canoe, kayak, horse riding, fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling can be practiced in the natural charms of our area surrounded by the forest and majestic lakes. Well, Kipawa is great place to live and the community is determined to improve the quality of life.

To get to the municipality, visitors must take the Kipawa Road that connects the village to the Trans-Canada Highway 101 near Temiscaming.

Address of Kipawa: 15, rue Principale Kipawa

J0Z 2H0

Phone : 819 627-3500

Website of Kipawa:

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