Victoriaville, with its 40 thousand inhabitants, and one of the 30 largest cities of Quebec, is considered the capital city of the Bois-Francs historic region. It’s located in the Centre-du-Quebec - Central Quebec region, on the river Nicolet.

This area was once inhabited by the native Abenaki people. The first Europeans settled here in 1802, when a fur tycoon John Gregory acquires vast lands here, but the real colonisation begins around 1825 and the first roads are open in 1844.

The parish of Saint-Christophe d'Arthabaska was established in 1851, and in 1861, the village was named Victoriaville to honour the Queen Victoria. It was incorporated in 1901.

Victoriaville, is a modern city, and it’s friendly and dynamic environment attracts many new-comers who find out that this city is an appealing place to live. Actually, Victoriaville is one of the most advanced urban centres. The city is home to a large number of industries.

Furniture, cardboard, metals, clothing machinery, food, hardware and other articles are manufactured here and all the services are well represented in the area. Victoriaville has two important shopping malls: Carrefour des Bois Francs and Grande Place.

The two malls house more than 170 shops and boutiques. In addition, around 1700 shops, boutiques and offices have set up shop here. Two popular radio stations : CFJO O97,3 and CFDA Passion-Rock 101,9 are located here and one community television station.

There are two weekly news-papers, two libraries, dozens of municipal parks, recreational centres, numerous indoor and outdoor pools and golf courses in Victoriaville.

The famous Linear Park Des Bois-Francs bike trail traverses the city, and visitors can even climb on bicycle the Mont Arthabaska, located at the southern limits of the city. The summer home of former Canadian Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the first French Canadian to be appointed Prime Minister of Canada, hosts the Museum Laurier.

Many festivals are held throughout the year in Victo (nickname of the city) including the Week-end En Blues concerts, the International Festival of Modern Music of Victoriaville, the oldest agricultural exhibits in Quebec and many more.

Most locals speak French in their families, but English speaking visitors will find no discrimination here as all restaurants, shops and hotels of Victoriaville will gladly help you in English. Victoriaville Airport is located at the city’s northern limits.

Finally, let’s remind you than Victo is home to the Victoriaville Tigres junior hockey team who play at the Colisee Desjardins.

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