The city of Maniwaky is located in the Outaouais region. Its population is of about 4300 inhabitants and it was founded in 1851. Its name means Land of Marie in Algonquin language. Indeed, the Algonquin culture is omnipresent here as Kitigan Zibi reserve is located just a step from Maniwaki.

Maniwaki is the main service centre in the Gatinau Valley county, so the city is a center of the cultural and social life of the whole region, and visitors come here to take part in many interesting activites, such the Festival of the Live Water of Higher Gatineau, the Winter Snow Rally, the Rally of the Drave, the Pakwaun winter carnival, Festival Images and Places, only to mention a few. Well, Maniwaki offers as well a number of historical sites, such as the Chateau Logue, the historical Centre of Protection of the Forest against the fire or the Fatime Cave.

The Pythonga tug-boat, located on the Oblats street, a historic river-drive boat, merits a visit.

Besides, guests find a number of snowmobile trails, biking paths in the large linear park, a golf camp of 9 holes, a hunting and fishing facilities at Bras-Coupe Desert domain.

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