Port-Daniel-Gascons is a rather small, but very charming community, located on the coast of the Chaleur Bay, on the Gaspesie peninsula (Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine Region), with a population of about 2800.

While the modern town was incorporated in 2001, as a result of the fusion between two existing communities, the first village was founded here as early as in 1696, when a group of fishermen settled in the area.

Guests cans take a walk through Port-Daniel and revel at the Victorian architecture of its homes, cross the threshold of the Hotel LeGrand to the time of the salesmen, stay at the Chalet du Lac de l’Ile (located on a small island), observe many species of plants and wildlife. More than two dozen lakes surround the town, and Port-Daniel River is famous among the fishermen.

The Colborne Park commemorating the tragic sinking of an English vessel, in 1838, provides facilities for those interested in walking, as well for the mountain-biking adepts. Wildlife Reserve of Port-Daniel is located here, being home to a highly varied wildlife. Vacationers enjoy Port-Daniel River's beauty and marvel at its waterfalls, gorges and pits.

During the fall, these waters become spawning grounds for Atlantic salmon. Visitors can explore the trails of Cap de l’Enfer and many other natural spots.

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