James Bay

James Bay Municipality has a population of about 800 inhabitants, but it’s the largest municipality in the world. Indeed, created July 14, 1971, the Municipality of James Bay or MJB covers an area of 350,000 square kilometres.

The MJB is composed of a few towns and communities. It oversees the villages of Radisson, Valcanton, Villebois and the hamlets of Desmaraisville and Miquelon. The municipality is governed by the James Bay/Northern Quebec Agreeement – CBJNQ and the land is divided into three categories:

  • Category 1 land is set aside for the exclusive use of Natives.
  • Category 2 land is under the responsibility of James Bay Regional zone council.
  • Category 3 land covers public lands administrated by MJB.

Many tourists visit James Bay to discover the immensity of its hydroelectric facilities and the majesty of the northern landscape. Feats of engineering here are impressive: the Robert-Bourassa dam is towering as high as a 53-storey building, the world’s largest underground powerhouse 140 metres below the surface.

La Grande-1 generating station, which took 6,000 workers to build, will electrify you with its enormous spillway. Tourists may stroll along hiking trails to admire the majestic forests A tour of local pulp and paper mills will let them in on the secrets of this industry that is so important for the manufacture of high-quality paper. Roadside rest area, boat ramps, docks, ford-fishing, campgrounds abound here.

The James Bay Region is so vast, we decided to dedicate a section describing it in detail:

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