La Grande-1 Power Station

La Grande-1 Power Station, completed in 1995, was built by some 6,000 workers. This complex with its major waterworks is one of the most recent works of the hydroelectric projects in the James Bay Region.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world tour these impressive installations. The circuit is of about 25 kilometres long.

The tour includes a guided visit and a brief video highlighting of the different construction phases, the techniques employed and the experience acquired in environmental protection. From the top of the dam, equivalent to a 53 storey building, tourists marvel at the panorama.

Visitors will also discover unusual landscapes from many lookout points, not to mentions few works that illustrate Quebec’s savoir-faire and expertise. From the Robert Bourassa Park, people can admire the overflow drainage system known as Giant Staircase. Note that ID card is required to visit the complex.

To contact the Power Station call 819-638-8486 or toll free 1 800291-8486

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