Robert-Bourassa Power Station Centre

Robert-Bourassa Power Station Interpretation Centre has been founded by Hydro-Quebec, one of the largest electricity companies in North America. Hydro-Quebec produces, transports and distributes almost all the electricity used in Quebec. Note than nearly 95% of its production comes from hydroelectric power stations, half of which is produced by La Grande complex, located in Bay James.

The Robert-Bourassa Power Station Interpretation Centre is open to all. Its permanent exhibition offers interesting perspectives on the natural and human environments that make up the James Bay territory.

The visit is also a nice opportunity to increase your knowledge of nature and the production of electricity. Average length of tour: 45 minutes to one hour.

Address of the Robert-Bourassa Power Station Interpretation Centre:

Complex Pierre-Radisson Radisson

Phone: 819-638-8486 or toll free 1-800-291-8486

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