Obalski Park

The Obalski Park is one of the nicest places in Chibougamau.

Whether walking, biking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, visitors will appreciate the beauty of the boreal forest all year round. A trek around the Gilman Lake will make guests discover the mysteries of the local wildlife and flora through the interpretation panels dotting the trails.

There are belvederes, a beach, wharfs, benches, tables and cabin along the way to enhance the trek. People can even bring along a fishing rod to tease the fish. Other path lead to mountain peaks offering panoramic views of Chibougamau City, Aux Dores Lake, Chibougamau Lake and surrounding lands.

At Chalco Ski Centre ski equipement and snowshoes rental is available. During winter time, snowmobilers can use only one path for their engines. There are two children municipal amusement parks in Chibougamau, which offer a variety of games for children of all ages.

The parks are located on O’Connell Street and on 2nd Avenue.


View from the Obalski Park

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