Cree Native Centre of Chibougamau

The Cree Native Centre of Chibougamau City offers activities and services for Natives of neighbouring communities. The hallways are adorned with ornaments, artefacts and explanations. In fact the ancestors of the Cree Eeyou Istchee (Land of The People) population have occupied these lands for at least 5,000 years.

Their traditional way of life is based on hunting, fishing and trapping. Aboriginal Day is held by the Center in July. The purpose of the event is to promote cultural exchange and to create bridges between Cree and Jamesians.

So the festivity offers a meeting ground enriched by the cultural heritage of the First Nations that live in the James Bay.

Guests can visit a boutique that sells jewelry, clothing and souvenirs made by Cree artisans of the region.

Cree Native Centre of Chibougamau: 95, Jaculet, Cibougamau

Phone: 418 748 7667

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