Quasar Planetarium

If you are interested in the stars and astronomy, the Quasar Planetarium of Chibougamau City, James Bay Region, is the place to visit.

The Quasar Planetarium is truly unique in Quebec, if not in the world. One of a kind in Quebec, this prototype reproduces on a screen all the constellations you can see in northern Quebec with special effects. Observers can compare what you they can see with the naked eye and what they see on the screen.

The view is quite impressive. The planetarium is located in the basement of the Chibougamau library and can only welcome four people at a time, or a family. The presentation may last up to one hour.

The Astronomy Club also owns an observatory located on a peninsula of Aux Dores Lake.

Visitors need to make reservations to visit Quasar Planetarium.

Address: 601 3rd Street Chibougamau, Québec

Phone: 418-748-4642

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