Visiting Chibougamau

Chibougamau, the largest community in the North of Quebec, proudly stands on the shorelines of Lake Gilman, in the vicinity of Lake Aux Dores.

Many visitors come to the city to enjoy many activities, such as its golf, helicopter tour, dog sled, paraski and much more.

You’ll find in Chibougamau an excellent Mining Discovery Centre, located 7 miles from downtown; interesting Geomorphologic sites – spectacular rock formations; the Cree Native Centre of Chibougamau, gathering place for Native people of neighbouring communities. Its hallways are adorned with ornaments, artefacts and explanations thereof. The boutique sells jewellery, clothing and souvenirs made by Cree artisans of the region.

The Obalski Park is one of the places where guests can appreciate the grand beauty of the boreal forest all year round. There are many pedestrian and cross-ski trails there. Two children amusement park offer as well a variety of games for children of all ages.

Besides, the Regional Historical Society is located in Chibougamau. It’s located downstairs in the modern premises of the Town Hall. The Society conserves many texts, photographs, audio and video records, maps and artefacts.

The Quasar Planetarium is truly unique. This planetarium makes discover the beautiful constellation in the Nordic sky.

Well, you may want to go and play at the Bolorama bowling, very popular in the city. Interregional skittle tournament is held there attracting hundreds of people. Champions of pins come to measure their talents here.

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