Magdalen Islands

The Magdalen Islands or the Iles de la Madeleine lie right in the middle of the Gulf of St Lawrence, about 225 km (140 mi) from the Gaspe Peninsula, 130 km (80 mi) from Prince Edward Island and 110 km (70 mi) from Cape Breton Island (Province of Nova Scotia).

The archipelago of Magdalen Islands comprises about a dozen islands with the population of about 14 thousand people.

From above, the Magdalen Islands look like tiny landmasses enlivened by green valleys, lovely white sandy beaches, red cliffs, and the infinite shades of blue of their lagoons. Almost all the big islands of the Magdalen Archipelago are linked by long sand dunes with magnificent beaches─300 km (186 mi) of beaches! Route 199 runs from one end of the chain of the islands to the other. Vacationers can drive, bike, or hike along the 65 km (40 mi) trail from one end of the Magdalen Islands to the other. O

nly one of the inhabited islands, Entry Island, is an exception and is not linked to the others by the road. To get to Entry Island, guests must take an excursion boat or the ferry.

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