Acadian Festival

Celebrating the Founders

For years now, the Historic Site La Grave in Havre-Aubert, Magadlen Islands, is home to the Acadian Festival (Festival Acadien).

For an entire week and a half, festival goers meet with Islanders to celebrate the arrival of Acadians, who populated the Iles de la Madeleine.

This significant cultural event draws a large number of visitors.

The celebration starts with a small boat construction contest for which participants have a small budget. They have to build a real boat in three hours and make it cross a distance of several hundred yards. The celebration ends in beauty on August 15.

The date is the Acadian National Day.

To contact the Acadian Festival:

Festival Acadien 990, Route 199 Havre-Aubert

G4T 9C7

Phone: 418 937-2525

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