History of Quebec

Quebec is a society that has persevered through continuous struggles and hardships: long and harsh winters, unpredictable harvests, vast oceans and infinite forests, vast territories without any communication tools, and confrontations with neighbouring nations…

It has been tough, but over 400 years, people of Quebec, supported by their faith, raised large families, established communities, ploughed land, harvested grain, milled lumber, built churches, barns, and homes.

The Quebeckers have become a close-knit community and toughened people, deeply devoted to their land and customs. Despite all the hardship, this people has never lost their gayety and has always found opportunities for celebration: weddings, baptisms, welcome and house-warming parties.

The richness of Quebec history is celebrated in a network of protected sites recounting the events that shaped Quebec and Canada.

A wealth of adventures, learning experiences, and wonders await visitors in national historic sites and national parks. Tourists get a unique opportunity of exploring one-of-a-kind, authentic, and priceless heritage.

Significant examples of Quebec’s and Canada’s history and culture reflect our identity and our values. That is why all these military forts, canals, buildings, and other historical areas are protected and preserved for present and future generations.

At each site, guests live through a unique experience enriching their understanding of today’s world.

guns quebec
Photo of the ammunition market in Quebec City, taken circa 1758, offered by © YanniQc

In the sections below, learn more about history of Quebec.

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