1900 timeline

April 26, 1900: Two-thirds of Hull City, Ottawa River Region, are destroyed in a fire.
October 8, 1900: Simon-Napoléon Parent becomes premier of Quebec, replacing Félix-Gabriel Marchand.

November 7, 1900: Federal election in Canada. Sir Wilfrid Laurier's Liberals win a second consecutive majority. Thus the Liberals win a second consecutive majority for the first time in the history of the Canadian Confedertion.

December 6, 1900: Alphonse Desjardins from Lévis founds Desjardins Movement, the first credit union in North America.

December 7, 1900: The Quebec general election of 1900 is held to elect members of the Legislative Assembly. The Quebec Liberal Party, led by Simon-Napoléon Parent, is re-elected, defeating the Quebec Conservative Party, led by Edmund James Flynn.


Québec Iris Lily. Photo : Provincequebec.com

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