Arrival of the new Governor of New France in 1749

Peter Kalm, a famous Swedish scholar, who visited Quebec in 1749, was in Quebec City, when the new governor of New France, the Marquis de la Jonquiere, arrived.

Peter Kalm was included in the official party that welcomed the governor, for he was a guest at the dinner that followed. Kalm says that “at half-past eight the new governor descended from the ship into a small boat covered with a red carpet, and at the same moment the guns on the ramparts above gave the signal for the ringing of all the bells in the upper town and in the lower town, which nestles at the base of towering Cape Diamond.

Prominent people were waiting on the shore to welcome the governor after he had been received by the Marquis de la Galissoniere, the previous governor.

The commander of the forces in the city delivered an address of welcome, to which the new governor made a brief reply.

Then a procession was formed and made its way to the cathedral of Quebec, where mass was celebrated, amid a blaze of colour. The Governor wore a red uniform with much gold braid. His men, in green livery, went before him with guns on their shoulders. At the Cathedral he was received by the Bishop in his full ecclesiastical dress, his head covered with a large gold mitre, a high cross of solid silver in his hand, and surrounded by all his clergy.

When the mass was over, the crowd scattered. No one remained for the meal that followed except those who had been invited in advance, and I had the great honour to be one of the number.

The meal lasted for a long time and was as rich as the occasion demanded.

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