First regular Great Britain - Canada flights

The first regular Great Britain-Canada flight completed its voyage by landing in the St. Lawrence River, on July 8, 1937. At this moment history was made at Boucherville, a town located between Quebec City and Montreal.

The water landing was no accident, because the aircraft in question was a flying boat, the four-engine RMS Caledonia, a large seaplane, designed to land and take off from water.

It took less than a day for the first Imperial Airways flight to make the voyage, having stopped in Botwood, Newfoundland, for fuel.

When the plane arrived, the gigantic aircraft drew gasps of wonder from spectators, as it performed aerial manoeuvres that were worthy of a small fighter.

Finally, the ship commanded by Captain A. S. Wilcockson made a long, low run over the river, landing like some giant bird. Very soon such sights were a common occurrence in Quebec.

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