War against the US, campaign of 1812

On June 18, 1812, war was declared by the United States to Great Britain. Canada, as part of the British Empire, was to be entered at three points – across the St. Clair River near Detroit, on the Niagara Peninsula, and by the route of the Lake Champlain and the Richelieu River, in Lower Canada or Quebec.

In Quebec, the American Army gathered at the head of Lake Champlain under the command of General Dearborn. The English were getting ready for an expected attack, so they had placed companies of soldiers at various points between St. Regis and the Yamaska River. A larger force took up its positions at Lacadie to block the approach to Montreal.

The Americans, however, didn’t attack in 1812. Well, they crossed the border in November and attacked a block-house at Odelltown, forcing the Canadians to retire, but this isolated attempt was made at night. In the confusion, the Americans began firing at one another. As soon as Canadian reinforcements arrived, the enemy beat a hasty retreat.

In fact, that was the end of the campaign in Quebec in 1812. The American forces had spent the winter at Plattsburg on Champlain Lake, where they prepared for the campaign of 1813 and gathered a number of vessels.

The first real fighting took place on the waters of the Richelieu River in the summer days of 1813.

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