James Bay Road

The James Bay Road, one of the most precious gems of Northern Quebec, was part of the major James Bay projects. It took thousands of workers to build this 450 miles-long road.

Wider than regular road, it can bear loads of up to 500 tonnes. Eleven bridges span the rivers crossing the road. 940 culverts and 20 miles of pipe channel the waters. Part of the road way was laid over the ancient Tyrell Sea. Moraine deposits left by the passage of the glaciers are still visible.

Like the Transtaiga Road leading to Caniapiscau, the James Bay Road occasionally runs along the sinuos tracks of eskers.This tactic allowed the work to be completed in record time. In fact, they say that the path is worth as much as the destination. The James Bay Road breaks the horizon to the north and opens a rich territory. Travelers can enjoy the area through the interpretive panels placed along the road in strategic locations.

These stops will take visitors take the pulse of this land, its vigorous forests, its mineral wealth and its mighty waters. If you travel deep north, you can go back by the Northern Road, where you’ll come across a wide variety of villages and hamlets and where the mining industry and various phases of mining sites will allow you to become more familiar with the mysteries of the region, which is the oldest on the planet.

You may take a little detour to meet with Native craftspeople who tell the tales of their community through the works of art they make. So finish your trip by Road 113 and you will make new discoveries with each village along your way.

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