Hunting and fishing in the James Bay

James Bay is the place, where proud fishermen boast the incredible catches.

The most wonderful fishing stories come to life here, and the region's diversified aquatic life makes it a preferred destination for fishermen of all calibre. Visitors will find a vast number of lakes and rivers of all sizes here, including the Mistassini Lake, the largest lake of Quebec, and the Albanel Lake, one of the best destinations.

Many prized fishes are captured in these lakes every season, because winter fishing in Jamesie is really appreciated. In heated fishing shacks or simply on ice, winter fishing reveals a very pleasant activity. The most sought out species for sporting fishermen here are Walleye, Pike, Brook Trout and Lake Trout.

As to hunting, caribou hunting in the James Bay is, without doubt, the ultimate experience for every hunter searching for big game and big thrill. Hundreds of thousands of migrating caribou herds of the Feuilles and George Rivers coming together create an impressive sight. The wildlife photographers will also get their money worth by admiring this typical Nordic animal. Moose, black bear, goose, duck and small game, like white partridge or hare give hunters many opportunities to create an everlasting experience of their James Bay stay.

There are enough outfitters in the James Bay Region for fishermen and hunters to experience a wild and lively nature stay. North of the 52nd parallel, non-residents of Quebec must call on the services of an outfitter. Please bear in mind that to hunt and fish in the Northern Quebec Region you must respect the Law on hunting and fishing rights in James Bay territory.

The James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement was signed in 1975, According to the law, some territories are reserved for use by the Native people.

Visitor must therefore obtain the necessary authorisations from the appropriate band councils to hunt and fish on the James Bay territory. Besides, you can't trap or hunt fur bearing animals here. In addition, some species of fish, such as corringodes, are reserved for Native Peoples as well.

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