Valcanton, 600 people, is a rather small community, located on the southwest of the James Bay territory, right at the edge of the 40th parallel. This municipality was formed in 2001 as a result of the fusion of Val-Paradis and Beaucanton.

In 1997, a major fire almost burned down Val-Paradis and the surrounding forest. The fire spared only a small patch of forest, where guests can now discover strange formations of erratic blocs, waterfalls, and small lakes, reminders of the ancient passage of glaciers.

In Beaucanton, visitors admire the Saint Joachim Catholic church, built of fieldstone and carved granite in 1948. The church is one of the rare buildings in Quebec erected in the Dom Bellot architectural style (honoring Father Paul Bellot, a Benedictine monk) recognizable by its sharp-angled windows.

The territory of Valcanton is furrowed by dozens of kilometers of snowmobiles and VTT trails with access from north-eastern Ontario and northern Quebec. In fact, the Turgeon Valley attracts tourists, fishers, and hunters all year round, as well as vacationers seeking a calm rest in natural surroundings.

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