Center of mining interest

Center of mining interest witnesses the history of Chibougamau, a well-known historic mining city in Quebec.

This site is open in the ancient Bruneau mine, dug with the side of a mountain and located 10 km from downtown Chibougamau. A road makes it possible to go inside this superb copper mine.

Visitors walk along the gallery, learning about the history of the mines since the gold mines of the time of the Pharaohs. Guests pass to the cloakroom in order to provide themselves with a lamp.

After that they explore the galleries such as the workers left them by closing the mine. Guests can visit the secondary drifts and experienced guides explain the various steps to the ore exploitation. In one of the galleries, resembling a cathedral, the exposition Sound and Light recreates the evolution of the Earth crowning the presentation.

After the visit, a view-point installed at the top of the Bruneau mount offers a surface of picnic with sight on the Chibougamau and Aux Dores Lakes.

Address of the Mining Discouvery Centre:

Road 167 North Chibougamau

Phone: 418-748 6060 or 418 748 4209

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