Regulations for hunting and fishing

To hunt and/or to fish in the Northern Quebec Region, including James Bay Region, hunters and fishermen must respect the Law on hunting and fishing rights of these territories. According to the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, signed in 1975, these territories have special land administration. All the lands have been reserved for different use. Thus, category 1 and 2 lands are reserved for use of the First Nations.

Tourists must therefore obtain the necessary authorization from the appropriate band council to hunt or fish there. On the other hand, the hunting and fishing activities are permitted on Category 3 lands like elsewhere in Quebec. However, there is one notable exception: guests cannot trap or hunt fur bearing animals. In addition, certain species of fish, like coregonids, are reserved for Native people only.

Moreover, north of the 52nd parallel, non-residents of Quebec must call on the services of an outfitter. For hunting big game, random draws are held. Hunters can register for two types of random draws. For example, they may either obtain a limited-access hunting licence for moose cow, antlerless deer or caribou or obtain a hunting stay in a wildlife sanctuary. Specific rules apply to each draw.

These rules can however change so for the complete regulations and for fore information on hunting and sports fishing in the Northern Quebec Region we recommend to contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fauna of Quebec:

Phone: 418-748-7701


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