Meteorite of Couture Lake

The Couture Lake is located in the Nunavik Region, in the Northern Quebec, about 140 km south west of the Pingualuit Crater. It is a large circular lake of 16 km of diameter.

A fringe of islands surrounds a central island-free area of the lake. The 150 m deep and 10 to 12 km diameter eroded meteorite crater forms the central island-free area of Lac Couture. The geology of this area of Quebec is almost lifeless and like a moonscape.

Caribou herds cross the territory sometimes. The Couture Lake has experienced substantial glacial erosion since impact and all that remains is a circular water filled hole in the bedrock. Most of the islands and peninsulas show numerous boulders and other types of glacial debris.

On the westward site of the Couture Lake the debris include large quantities or rock breccias associated with meteorite impact. Obviously, the circular fringe of islands and peninsulas represents the remains of the rim, formerly several hundred meters in height.

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