Wemindji is located on the east coast of James Bay in Northern Quebec. Its current population is of about 1,300 residents. The community of Wemindji (from wiimin uchii meaning "red ochre mountain" in Cree) was formerly known as Old Factory. The Cree people who live here, who also call themselves Iyiyuuch, meaning "the people".

Traditional activities and events such as the spring and fall goose hunt, the walking out ceremonies are just some of them that remain to be a vital part of our community life. Visitors will find a variety of sporting facilities such as the Fitness Centre, the Mawabou Gardens Arena, a baseball field, a Gymnasium and many exciting hiking trails around the community. Numerous events are held here all times of the year.

The Music Festival takes place every summer in July. A trip to the Old Factory is another highly regarded event as it brings the community together for a gathering at its original location, often called "going back home". During this trip to the Old Factory there is an annual canoe expedition where several locals paddle down the Old Factory River to James Bay. Annual 10 k Running Marathon is usually held at the end of July every summer. Categories include Male and Female.

Annual 20 k Bike Marathon is usually held a few days after the 10k Run. Categories include Male and Female. Among the most interesting sighting spots are the following: Old Factory Islands - where the people of Wemindji once lived. Usually a week-long takes place there in mid-July with plenty of traditional activities, feasting and dancing for everyone to enjoy. Paint Hills Islands – a group of islands just offshore from Wemindji. They are a must see for any tourist. Sights include beluga whales, seals, waterfowl, and an occasional walrus or polar bear. Paint Hills Lake – a lovely fishing spot for monstrous pike.

Moar Bay – ideal for ice fishing. Moar Bay is a short 45 minute snowmobile ride from Wemindji. People enjoy fantastic ice fishing for speckled and sea-trout. Twin Islands - remote Islands, located 45 miles offshore. They are for the extreme adventurer only. The trip takes about 2 1/2 hours by boat and can be very dangerous. However, once there, tourists experience virgin sub-arctic fauna and wildlife beyond their wildest dreams.

These Islands are the home to a population of about 30-40 Polar Bears.

Yasinski Lake - This huge lake is renowned for its world-class Walleye fishing. It is accessible with a slipway for launching boats and has a picnic and campground. As to accommodation, the Maquatua Inn is a spacious 12 room hotel beautifully set on the shores of the Maquatua River in Wemindji (call 819 978-3166 for info or reservations). Wemindji is accessible by a road opened in September 1995.

The road connects to the James Bay highway and leads to the Matagami, giving Wemindji access to towns, cities and villages to the south.

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