The Cree community of Whapmagoostui has a population of about 700. The village is situated at the mouth of the Great Whale River, just north of the 55" parallel, off the east coast of Hudson's Bay.

Whapmagoostui is the only Cree community in the North to be situated right beside an Inuit municipality. Whapmagoostui is geographically isolated from the rest of Quebec with no access road to the South. Two airlines, Air Creebec and Air Inuit, service the community. Actually, the Internet and other telecommunications technology are the link of the community to the outside world.

Residents of Whapmagoostui enjoy access to modern facilities such as, an arena, gymnasium, swimming pool, health clinic and an elementary and secondary school and a variety of businesses and stores. For tourists, the Community of Whapmagoostui has many attractions in and out of the community. In fact, it is surrounded many rivers, lakes and forests. Other attraction includes the islands of Mindoonik and Richmond Gulf located north of Whapmagoostui.

Richmond Gulf is famous for its good fishing waters. Whapmagoostui is the host of two community gatherings, one in the summer and one in the wintertime. During those events, people gather to share stories and teachings of the Cree culture and language. Many of the people of Whapmagoostui still practice their way of life.

The annual spring and fall hunting season is another cultural activity that brings many non-native to the community to learn about Cree Tradition.

Other activities enjoyed by many people are cross country skiing, kayaking, mountain biking and white water rafting. Fishing is another popular activity that is enjoyed by many of its visitors and residents. Note than during the hockey season, Whapmagoostui holds an annual hockey tournament for both men and women’s hockey.

Both Cree and Inuit come from the neighbouring communities to participate in the event.

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