Abitibiwinni or Abitibi8inni

The Abitibiwinnik are known also as Algonquin, a First Nation of Quebec and Ontario. This people represent a part of the Algonquian group, a vast linguistic and cultural group including numerous first nations and languages across Canada. Their language is an Eastern Ojibway dialect. The Algonquin are one of eleven first nations in Quebec.

Abitibiwinni is one of nine Algonquin communities in Quebec. Their traditional hunting grounds are located on James Bay and in Abitibit, between two rivers: Abitibi and Harricana. Each year, after the hunting season, the Abitibiwinnik met, traded, and celebrated with families at the Apitipik Point, in Abitibi.

This site is both a summer gathering place for the Abitibiwinnik and a sacred site which contains a 6 000-year old archaeological record. To tell the truth, there is little known information about the occupancy of the Abitibi area before the colonisation. In the Abitibi area, archaeological excavations have therefore permitted to discover traces of the occupancy which date back in very ancient times.

In 1958, the reservation of Pikogan was created in Abitibi, north of the town of Amos. A permanent exhibition about the life of Abitibiwinnik has been developed there in cooperation with the Pikogan Band Council and Algonquin Elders. The exhibition was co-produced by Pikogan's non-profit Matcite8eia Society, dedicated to the Algonquin people's cultural, social, economic and tourist development.

In 1996, the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada designated the site of Apitipik Point as a National Historic Site of Canada. Today, principal economic activities of the people are arts and handicrafts, businesses and services oriented toward tourists, forestry, trapping, transport, construction.

Permanent Exhibition One People one History, located in Pikogan, depicts the history of the Abitibi8innik through different periods of time, some prolific and some troubled.

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