One People - One History

Permanent Exhibition One People one History is an exhibition reporting the history of the Abitibi8innik people through different periods of time.

The exhibition retraces the millennium occupancy by this First Nations people of a vast territory of the Abitibi Region. The Abitibiwinnik or the Abitibi8innik are also known as Algonquin.

The people are a part of the Algonquian group, a vast group across Canada. Their language is an Eastern Ojibway dialect.

This exhibition about the life of Abitibiwinnik has been developed in the village of Pikogan, located north of the town of Amos. The Pikogan Band Council and Algonquin Elders co-produced it in cooperation with the Amos Exposition Centre and Pikogan's non-profit Matcite8eia Society, dedicated to the Algonquin people's cultural, social and economic development.

Coordinates of the Exhibition:

10 rue Tom-Rankin Pikogan

J9T 3A3

Telephone: 819 732-3350

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