Abitibi-Ouest county

Abitibi-Ouest (Abitibi-West) is a land of forests and wide-open spaces with numerous picturesque lakes and rivers. The landscape of the region was sculpted about 10 thousand years ago by the glaciers of the last Ice Age.

The first humans came to live here 5000 years ago, and, in the 16th century, the first Europeans came here to engage in the fur trade with the First Nations.

Built in 1912, the Transcontinental Railway opened the Abitibi-Ouest region for settlement. Five years later, the future city of La Sarre was founded. Nowadays, La Sarre is the economic hub of the region.

In the old days, settlers were attracted to the region by its abundant mining resources. Since then, 21 communities were created in Abitibi-Ouest with a population of 22 thousand people.

Agriculture and logging are the two main industrial sectors, but tourism and other activities are contributing to diversification of the local economy.

Thousands of vacationers come here seeking for adventure.

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