The Historic House Lavigne in La Sarre - Maison Lavigne in La Sarre

Urban development in Abitibi West

The pride of the community, the Lavigne house stands next to La Sarre’s cultural centre.

This patrimonial house was home to Jules Lavigne, an exceptional pioneer. La Sarre’s native, he served his fellow citizens since 1918 as a notary. La Sarre owes it to Monsieur Lavigne for its municipal as well as civic, school, and social development.

As a legal advisor to local public corporations, this pioneer enjoyed trust and respect of his community. He was tireless in his efforts to bring cultural life to his town.

His concerns for a rich social and cultural life led, amongst other things, to the creation in 1923 of a brass band, which, in 1939, became known as the Harmonie de La Sarre. Jules Lavigne himself conducted the band that became known all around the county of La Sarre.

Jules Lavigne and his wife, Leontine Desjardins, brought up ten children in the home that, in 1981, was handed over to the City of La Sarre by the Lavigne family. It remains a living symbol of the cultural vitality of Abitibi West.

Visitors can enjoy a permanent exposition on covered bridges as well as a variety of temporary exhibitions.

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