Authier House and Site in Amos

Authier House is located at the heart of the Amos settlement in the Abitibi region. At the end of the 19th century, Quebec was undergoing dramatic economic and social changes.

More and more French Canadians were pulling up stakes and heading for the United States. In an effort to counter this population drain, the government decided on a settlement plan for the Abitibi.

Hector Authier was largely involved in implementing the plan, and his achievements won him the name of “the father of the Abitibi region.” He served, consecutively, as a mayor, county prefect, M.P., news reporter, and mining and forestry industries promoter. Located on a promontory overlooking the Harricana River, the Authier House is the oldest house in the Abitibi region.

It bears witness to the history of the pioneer generation that decided to settle in the Abitibi, considered the land of hope in the early 1900s.

Because of their significance, the house and site were classified as a historic monument and cultural heritage by the City of Amos.

In 2005, the City of Amos purchased the house and a portion of the site to turn them into an historic park.

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