The Pioneers' Tour

Pastoral scenery, a lifestyle set to the rhythm of nature, a foray into Temiscamingue via The Pioneers' Tour will let visitors penetrate into the calm and peacefulness of one of Quebec's most picturesque rural regions. 

The Pioneers' Tour relates the story of Temiscamingue during its long history of the fur trade, lumbering and wood floating. The arrival of the first settlers is chronicled in great detail at distinctly, attention-grabbing sites.

Guests are invited to visit the towns of Ville-Marie and Duhamel-Ouest for a visit of the Brother Moffet’s House (Maison du Frere-Moffet), the Historical national Site of Fort Temiscamingue (Lieu historique national du Canada du Fort-Temiscamingue) with its enchanted forest, the Museum of Guerin (Musée de Guerin) and the T. E. Draper towboat at Anglier.

Don’t miss Notre-Dame-du-Nord. Each year truck drivers come here from all over for a rodeo beyond compare. People are also invited to join the adventure with a superbly thrilling fossil-safari. Finally, in the town of Temiscaming, tourists make a stop at the Train Station Museum (Musee de la gare) to enjoy the Victorian-style architecture of this building and discover a its history. The Pioneers’ Tour represents a delightful itinerary.

It allows to meet great people and more, will all be sprinkled along this jaunt into Temiscamingue.

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