Chisasibi is a modern community located at the end of the James-Bay Road (600th km), on the south shore of the La Grande River. The word Chisasibi means exactly “Great River” in Cree. The municipality is located close to where the northern forest merges with the arctic barrens and where the waters of James Bay mix with those of Hudson Bay. The community is one of the largest Cree coastal communities with about 4 thousand inhabitants.

Their outfitter cans take guests by freighter canoe or bush plane to great places for fishing and caribou hunting. Those interested in nature and breathtaking scenery can travel up the coast with an experienced guide and discover the many fascinating places to explore on foot, skis, snowshoes, driving a snowmobile or in canoe.

Visitors can spend a couple of nights in a traditional bush camp, where they will hear stories and legends and learn a few survival skills. A short trip to Fort George Island is a must. Each summer, tourists cans take part in the week-long cultural festival on the island. The community cans supply everything to make your trip safe and enjoyable, including comfortable lodging, hearty meals, and expert guides.

As guests walk the streets and surrounding landscape of Chisasibi, they will learn about the history and traditions of the Cree nations, as well as about the unique plants, berries and wildlife of the region. You can choose from many diverse packages offered by the local agencies or organize an outing tailored to your needs.

Contact Cree Nation of Chisasibi:

Telephone: 819-855-2878

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