Alma is a rather important city that lies in the Saguenay-Lake-St-Jean Region, on the southeast coast of Saint-Jean Lake, to the north of Quebec. It is the principal town of the county of Lake-St-Jean-East.

Alma counts more than 33 thousand inhabitants. The city is noted particularly for its relatively unspoiled charm. Nevertheless, it’s the second city in importance of the Saguenay-Lake-St-Jean Region, after Saguenay city. The amalgamated city of Alma was established in 1962 from the merging of the villages of Isle-Maligne, Naudville, Riverbend and St-Joseph d'Alma.

In 2002, Delisle joined the city. The name Alma refers to the Battle of Alma, one of the most famous battles at the time of the Crimean War, 1853-1856. St-Joseph d'Alma, the oldest of the villages, was founded in 1867, but the region became an important industrial center after the construction of a hydro-electrical dam on the Grande-Decharge River, followed by the Price Brothers and Company paper mill and Alcan aluminum smelting plant.

The Price Brothers and Company is known today as Abitibi-Bowater Company.

Note than Lucien Bouchard, 27e Prime Minister of Quebec, was born in Alma.

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