Roxton Pond

Roxton Pond is a municipality, located within La Haute-Yamaska Regional County Municipality. Its population is of about 4000. The new municipality of Roxton Pond was created in 1997 with the merger of the Parish of Roxton Pond, established in 1874, and the Village of Roxton Pond.

A township in Great Britain called Roxton (Belfond County) inspired the name of Roxton Pond.

In addition to the presence of a large Francophone Baptist community in the village, local history has been marked by the development of a strong tool-making industry. It began in 1865, when Sam Dalpé bought Louis and Paul Payan’s furniture store for $1300, which specialized in the production of wood trying-planes.

Homes merrily decorated with friezes and gingerbread recall Roxton Pond’s past as the largest tool-producing centre in Canada.

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