The municipality of Angliers is located in the Temiscamingue county of the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region. Angliers’ population is of about 350. Des Quinze Lake, the main body of water, separates the municipal territory in two, that’s the Northern sector reserved for the forest industry and the Southern section which encompasses the agricultural lands.

The name of Angliers honours a community in Poitou, France, and cultural exchanges take place between the two municipalities. The village was founded in 1924. The forest industry contributed largely to its development.

The municipality has potential for development in the agricultural, industrial and hydroelectricity fields. Tourists will find here an arena with natural ice in the winter, a baseball field, tennis courts, a municipal park, a community hall, a Local Center of Community Services - CLSC and a public library.

A 12-km-long snowmobile trail and 7-km-long biking trails cross the territory. The Des Quinze Lake and Des Quinze River attract outdoor amateurs in great numbers.

Three historic sites of importance: the T.E. Draper tugboat, the Long Point Zone (an ancient native village) and the Gedeon shipping yard are located in Angliers. al site is also present in the area, that being the Long Point Zone which sheltered an ancient Native village.

Every year, Angliers celebrates the Festival du poisson – Fishing Festival. Toursits can reach the municipality by the Road 391 or by the road that connects Fugereville to Angliers.

To contact Angliers: 14, rue de la Baie Miller, C.P. 9 Angliers

J0Z 1A0

Telephone: 819 949-4351

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