The small community of Dixville of the Estrie (Eastern Townships) Region is located in the Coaticook County, just a few steps from the American border, on a promontory close to Cushing Falls.

It has a population of about 750. The village of Dixville has always benefited from a great location and lovely landscapes. Richard Baldwin Jr. founded this village in 1874, calling it Drew’s Mills, after the Drew family.

An employee of the Grand Trunk railway company and a Barnston pioneer, Richard Baldwin left his nickname – Uncle Dick – as inspiration for the name of the municipality, which merged with St-Mathieu in 1995. (However, some say that the name of the village comes from the town of Dixville of New Hampshire in the United State, from where the first settlers arrived).

Remains of the sawmill and hydroelectric dam can be seen here. The locals and the visitors alike appreciate the simplicity of varied churches – the Baptist (formerly Methodist) Church, built in 1869, St. Paul’s Church, built in 1923, St. Cuthbert Anglican Church, built in 1884), and the St-Mathieu 1920) and Sainte-Suzanne-de-Stanhope (1914) Catholic churches of Dixville.

Pourvoirie de l'Estrie - a famous outfitter - is located in Dixville.


Dixville. Source of the photograph : Dixville WebSite

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