Brome Lake (Lac Brome)

The Town of Brome Lake is set in the majestic Eastern Townships, a historic region, south of the Saint Lawrence Valley and stretching to the American border.

Town of Brome Lake’s population is around 6,000 people. Brome Lake remains faithful to its 200 year old roots. Established in 1971 and nestled in a bountiful rural setting, Brome Lake offers visitors a breath of freshness, a kind of passport to escape, rest, nature and the rural scenery.

Since its incorporation in 1971, the municipality is made up of five sectors represented at Council by councillors from the Foster, Fulford, Bondville, Iron Hill, West-Brome, East Hill and Knowlton sectors. A traveler will find numerous panoramas and landscapes that may bring to mind some corners of England where most of the Township place names originated: Brome, Bolton, Hatley, Stanstead, Shefford, etc.

The mountainous terrain of the Eastern Townships distinguishes the region from the Saint Lawrence plain. First and foremost, there’s the lake. The majestic lake has always attracted outdoor and sporting enthusiasts.

With its 5.6 square miles of water, Brome Lake is the very heart of the municipality and makes it a prime holiday and tourist destination. Summer is for swimming, pedal boats, sail boarding and catamarans. The nature preserves and ecological areas will also delight the visitor.

And then there is the array of other summer activities like the Tour du Lac Brome, and the Fisher, Howson and Fairwinds cups. Citizens of Brome Lake and vacationers gather here enjoy aquatic activities on the lake, the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, and the quaint charm of the streets, which are lined with specialized boutiques, antique shops, and cafés.Brome County Historical Society.

Besides, Brome Lake carefully manages its affairs to insure the preservation of its unique cachet – a town whose Victorian charm captivates its visitors and perpetuates the intimate ambiance that was the heritage of its loyalist forefathers.

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