Les Eboulements

Located on road 362 near Baie-St-Paul in the Charlevoix region, the village of Les Eboulements is a lovely community with a population of about 1250.

The village is overlooking the St. Lawrence River from a height of 200 meters (656 feet) offering one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Quebec. This community has preserved its architectural heritage as well as its magnificent natural mountainside landscape.

Guests enjoy the view of a panorama of capes jutting out of the Petite-Riviere-Saint-Francois River: Saint-Paul Bay to the west; the Appalachian Mountains on the southern bank; the island of Ile-aux-Coudres - Hazelnut Island, peeking out from the river below; the cape of Cap-aux-Oies to the east; and Mount des Eboulements close to the village.

Les Eboulements is an agricultural village taking its name from a series of landslides (eboulements in French), result of a large earthquake in February 1663. The first colonists come here in 1710 and, in 1724, started producing wood tar from pinewood. In 1790, Seigneur Tremblay built a seigniorial mill. Visitors can take a tour of this building standing at the top of a 30-metre (98-foot) waterfall, very close to the Principal Street (Principale). Guests can watch grain being ground into flour and see the original wood and stone machinery on display. Next door, the former seigniorial manor once belonging to the Brothers of Sacred-Heart serves as a holiday campground open to public. Hiking trails with information signs along the way lead to the waterfall.

Les Eboulements is a much loved home to artists and their workshops, studios, and galleries. The Art Gallery of Living Heritage displays and re-enacts Quebec folklore with songs, storytelling, legends, music, and more. Visitors can stop by the blacksmith Arthur Tremblay’s old forge facing an inn, L’Auberge Surouet. At the edge of the village, the Eboulemontaise Farm invites tourists to see how sheep are raised and organic vegetables grown.

Other farms sell a variety of local crafts and products of the village. Hikers can also stroll down the panoramic 5-km (3-mile) Le Paysan Trail and 3-km (1.8-mile) Louis-Charles Audet Trail all the way to the river.

At the east end of the village, a secondary road leads to the river to the small bay of Cap-aux-Oies, where visitors can relax on the calm and quiet beach and watch the sea liners glide gently across the St. Lawrence River. It's a peaceful place where people can spend hours serenely strolling on the saltwater beach, or sitting on the rocks in quiet contemplation.

Les Ebolouments is listed as one of Quebec’s Most Beautiful Villages.

As to accommodation and restaurants, you are offered a nice choice: Auberge de nos Aieux (183, Village Street), Auberge Le Surouet (195, Village Street), restaurant Les Saveurs oubliees (350, rang Saint-Godefroy – on the route 362, Eboulmontaise Farm), Auberge la Bouclee, 6, Port Road, B&B Cap-aux-Oies (48, rang de Cap-aux-Oies), B&B Vacancier (104, rang Saint-Joseph), B&B Francoise (108, rang Saint-Joseph), and B&B Nichouette (216, Village Street). A variety of chalets, villas and cottages are also offered to visitors.

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