Old Mill of Les Eboulements

Built in 1790 by Seigneur Jean-François Tremblay atop a 30-meter-high (98-foot-high) waterfall on Du Moulin River, Le Moulin, the flourmill, hasn’t changed over the centuries.

It’s still in operation and its original mechanism, powered by a waterwheel, still drives the millstones. Together, the mill, the miller’s house, and the ancient seigniorial manor just next door are the last remaining seigniorial sites in Quebec.

Visitors can see the mill’s gear and its wheel in action as the miller grinds the grains.

Guests are offered a guided tour and an opportunity to buy a bag of freshly ground wheat or buckwheat flour.

Old Mill of Les Eboulements

To see photos of the Old Mill of Les Eboulements: www.camplemanoir.qc.ca

Address of the Old Mill of Les Eboulements:

157 rang St-Joseph, Les Eboulements Québec G0A 2M0

Phone: 418 635-2239

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