Marine Park Drive
Where the River Rules

Take the Highway 138 to enter the Marine Park Drive, the road which hugs the shore of the St. Lawrence all the way to Baie-Sainte-Catherine at the Charlevoix Region’s eastern extremity.

Driving the Marine Park Drive, visitors will discover the breathtaking coastline of the St. Lawrence River. The road attracts thousands of visitors every year. It meanders through the mountains then hugs the shoreline, offering astonishing views of incredible beauty.

The Marine Park Drive spans about 50 kilometers from Baie-Saint-Paul to La Malbaie where it winds along the coastline of the St. Lawrence River. Charlevoix is about an hour drive east from Quebec City and along the Marine Park Drive, visitors can stop at various viewpoints to admire the coastline.

The St. Lawrence River is a major river in Quebec and it is home to the largest number of big whales and cetaceans. Among the species that visitors can observe are the humpback whale, the fin whale and the blue whale, which is the world’s largest mammal. All these sea giants come swim in the Charlevoix region, and the Marine Park Drive area is the ideal place to observe them. Many cruise companies invite people to admire these majestic animals from closer.

Pursuing your travel along the Marine Park Drive, you will learn here more about the different characteristics of each one of the mammals. You will be fascinated by this great river and mountains.

Take time to visit some of the art galleries and boutiques and stretch your legs as you visit the Centre écologique de Port-au-Saumon (The Port-au-Saumon Ecological center), the Parc d'aventure en montagne Les Palissades (the Palisades mountain adventure park) or pop in to the Interpretational center and the Pointe-Noire observation post.

Given the lovely scenery unfolding naturally before your eyes, the roadside rest areas are perfect for a well-earned break.

The farms along the coastline are beautifully tended to and bales of hay have been placed across the landscape for future use.

marine park drive

Travelling through the Marine Park Drive- Photo : © V. Petrovskiy

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