Habitat 07

By Nadia Fetisova

An ecological house incorporating the idea of energy sustainability, Habitat 07 is located in Baie-Saint-Paul, a small resort town, about 100 km (62 mi) northeast of Quebec City. The building is designed to promote the sustainable energy sources and conservation practices.

A famous tourist destination in the Charlevoix region, the building features an electricity-generating wind turbine and a bank of solar panels.

The home’s concrete floor, built on piles, is insulated with sheep's wool, an inexpensive and easily available local product. Wood, also found in abundance in the region, is used as the prime heating source in winter. The wood-burning stove is equipped with two burning chambers maximizing efficiency and ensuring minimal pollution.

Offering a breathtaking view from the circular second-level bedroom, the windows of the eco-building Habitat 07 face the St. Lawrence River.

The house’s roof flower and herb garden fascinates visitors. The building’s designers claim that the garden serves as insulation from heat and cold preserving, at the same time, the longevity of the roof. Rainwater is used to supplement the building's water supply. The site may be explored independently or with a guide who provides details on the technology used in the construction of the house. The building also serves as the tourist welcome center of Boise du Quai borough of Baie-St-Paul.

Address of Habitat 07:

212, Sainte-Anne Street Baie-Saint Paul

Phone: 418-435-5514 ou 418-435-2205 (off-saison)

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