Bootlegger’s House

This traditional house was built in 1860 in La Malbaie.

Later, in 1933, it was dismantled and rebuilt by a man from Pennsylvania in 1939 in the backcountry.

That was the era when the Catholic Church forbade the use of alcohol in Quebec, as did the American Prohibition. To frustrate zealous members of the vice squad, the bootlegger modified access to the various rooms in his home.

A true labyrinth was thus created. Vizitors will be amazed by this colourful residence filled with hidden entrances, bars and secret rooms, all linked by narrow corridors that form an astonishing maze. In the attic, a Club des Monts Speakeasy was founded, where visiting VIPs gathered.

Nowadays, it’s a restaurant offering an unforgettable evening which includes a guided tour and al lively show set to a more contemporary beat.

Address of Bootlegger House:

110, rang Ruisseau-des-Frenes,

La Malbaie


Phone: 418-439-3711

Website of Bootlegger’s house:

booutlegger house

Bootlegger's House. Photo :

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