The Flavour Road

The Flavour Road or Trail - Route des Saveurs in French is a well-known Charlevoix tourist circuit, composed of about thirty producers and restaurants. In fact, all kinds of gourmet foods are produced by the trail’s purveyors.

Protected by the surrounding hills of the High Laurentians, the fertile fields here extend down the St. Lawrence, and the area enjoys a microclimate which helps family farms produce a nice bounty of organic fruits and vegetables to sell to the public and area restaurants.

August is wild blueberry season, and countless roadside stands advertise blueberries for sale. The owners pick them from their properties and many secret spots in the wild. Guests can buy a huge box for a few dollars along the road.

Local farmers and economuseum are part of the network of businesses, and each of them specializes in a craft or trade. Cheese-making is one of the most popular crafts, and you’ll be impressed with the raw milk cheddar cheese

There are also a few fish farms here. While visiting them, vacationers will be impressed with his system of cold freshwater ponds for raising Yukon arctic char and speckled trout using a minimum of chemicals.

Other interesting sites are an emu farming at the Centre de l’Emeu de Charlevoix; Les Serres Lacoste farm that specializes in growing hothouse organic tomatoes for local use and export; the Fumoir Charlevoix, a smokehouse for salmon and other fish that also produces a fine foie gras, and a number of other enterprises.

The Isle-of-Coudre Island, which can be joined by a ferry, is perfect for bicycling In addition to apples; local orchards contain cherries, plums, and pears.

The roads are great and the area is easy to navigate.

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