The town of Brossard is situated in the southern suburbs of Montréal. Its population exceeds seventy thousand people and its area is around forty-five sq. kilometers.

The town is part of the Montérégie administrative region. It’s also part of Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal. In 2006, as a result of a referendum, the town separated from Longueuil but it’s still supervised by the council of the Longueuil agglomeration.

The town of Brossard is situated alongside the St-Lawrence and Saint-Jacques rivers. Newcomers to Quebec should know that Brossard has a large number of cultural communities: the 2001 census showed that 28% of its total population belongs to a visible minority. Most of them come from Asia (China and India), Maghreb (Northern Africa), Haïti and Jamaica. That means 40 % of Brossard total population are of foreign origin, which makes this town a multilingual and diversified basin.

Today, Brossard is the only officially multicultural town in Quebec. There are the Lien-Hoa Buddhist temple and the Markaz El-Islam Muslim cultural center in the town.

The name of Brossard comes from Georges-Henri Brossard, the founder and first mayor of the town. Many newcomers have chosen Brossard as their residence because of the quality of life. Brossard has an exceptional network of parks and green spaces that offer four points of accès to the St-Lawrence river. Dozens of kilometers of paths with many resting places cross the town. Brossard is famous for these numerous assets. Two parking lots are situated near the public transit stations that make it possible to reach Montreal downtown in less than 15 minutes. The exception location of Brossard also allows an easy and fast access to majors routes.

The town of Brossard offers many jobs as well as big business opportunities: the industrial zone situated to the South of the town is home to many light industries spread on the area of more than 900 000 sq. meters. A new industrial zone situated alongside the eastern part of Matte boulevard covers 800 000 sq. meters and a part of it is still available.

A new mixed business zone (prestigious office buildings, commercial outlets and light industries) is being developed at the intersection of roads 10 and 30 in sector C. Brossard has multilingual skilled workforce and its population’s level of education and revenues is above the national average. Brossard is a buoyant business area with more than 1 400 shops including many supermarkets mostly situated in 50 shopping malls throughout the town. So, the population benefits from an exceptional choice of products and services. More than a hundred companies have their head-quarters in Brossard.

Moreover, dozens of IT and telecommunication companies are located there. Shopping malls and commercial buildings offer space for rent at very competitive rates. Many sites are available in the industrial zones alongside expressways. Contact details of the town of Brossard: 2001, Rome boulevard J4W 3K5 Phone: 450 923-6300 Web site:

The official web of the town is very complete and offers detailed information. However, some navigation problems such as impossibility to use the “Return to the previous page” button are regrettable.

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