Ste-Helene de Mancebourg

Ste-Helene-de-Mancebourg, a small community near La Sarre, beats to the rhythm of an economy that rests mainly on agriculture given its fertile lands. This community was established in 1941.

Nowadays, 340 people live here. Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de L'Esperance with its chapel, a very well designed site, is located here. The Sanctuary was founded in 1989 by Mrs Lise Pouliot. The arrangement of the beautiful chapel is dedicated to Notre-Dame de l'Esperance followed upon the obtaining of a favour obtained by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

This chapel was built as a visible testimony of recognition in honour of our good Mother of Heavens who never forgets her children of the earth.

Situated on the Nepawa Island, at the very heart of Abitibi Lake, the orchid of Nepawa Island (Verger de l’Ile Nepawa) opens the doors of this unique realm in the Nordic environment so guests may visit it or yet, pick some of the plentiful treasures the orchid and its owner have in store.

An impressive variety of apple trees have been planted here thanks to different techniques. On this island at the 48th parallel north, tourists will find over 500 fruit trees that offer deliciously fresh apples, transformed later into jam and jelly.

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