Amqui is a pleasant little city that lies in the Matapedia Valley to in the eastern Quebec (Lower St. Lawrence Region), on the Gaspe Peninsula, on the Matapedia River.

The community is located at the doorstep of New-Brunswick. Amqui (population of 6,500) is the principal town of the Matapedia County. The city is noted particularly for its relatively unspoiled charm, where guests forget about their bothers and worries.  The name of the community is of Micmac origin, although the meaning of the term is in dispute. The most popular version is “a place where we play and have fun”.

This translation refers to the ground where the Micmac had festive gatherings. Amqui's history is rather complex. The village had split away from the parish of Saint-Benoit-Joseph-Labre, in 1907. It adopted the name of Amqui in 1948 Amqui was incorporated in 1961. Thirty years later it reunited with the parish it had broken away from.

Today Amqui is an important service centre and an industrial town built up around forest products and farming. Amqui with its gentle of life and pleasures for the whole family has become a tourist destination, and the area is internationally known for its salmon and trout fishing.

At Anse Saint-Jean community near by, a covered bridge that crosses the Matapedia is one of a number of local historic sites. Amqui is known for its lovely accommodations which meet tourists’ highest expectations. Local restaurants offer family food and a large selection menu, whether you come here for business or pleasure.

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