Matapedia Valley Trail

One part of the Appalachian Trail, thus a section between Matapedia, Amqui and Matane River, crosses the Matapedia Valley. This section offers possibilities of escapades for a few hours or expeditions with nights in local refuges. In native language Matapedia means “where the rivers meet”.

This region offers all the services necessary to the walkers in a decoration of rivers and mountains. The trail offers a variety of landscapes, ecosystems forest, deep valleys and points of sights to mountainsides. The sector marks the transition between the fir plantation from the center from the peninsula and the maple trees from the slopes from Restigouche.

Overhanging the village of Matapedia, the course offers an astonishing point of view on the meeting of the rivers and a vision of the rock of the Appalachian Mountains.

According to the official Web Site of the Appalachian Trail -, the crossing of the Saint-Andrew sector to Sainte-Marguerite, in the Valley has a level of hiking sometimes technical and advanced, but also of the splendid landscapes and impregnated of legends. In Saint-Andrew hikers can sleep in refuge or camp-site.

Towards the canyon of Northern Clark, a built refuge with mountainside makes it possible to appreciate the sunset on the valley. Continuously vacationers cross a mountainous solid mass sheltering mousses, and go down in a luxuriant canyon. Then they go along the buttresses of the Assemetquagan River where the salmons were swimming on a quartz bottom.

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