Fishing in Gaspesie

Gaspesie is a well-known paradise for several generations of hunters and fishers. There are more than twenty superb salmon rivers here (as well as many hunting territories). The fish-rich waters shelter many species such as cod, haddock, herring, herring, mackerel, rainbow smelt, redfish, trout, tuna and many others. In addition, the shoreline is area provides a home for barnacles, razor clams, common crabs, blue mussels, starfish…

In a number of coast cities, towns and villages of Gaspesie, fish markets offer a large amount of freshly caught fish and seafood. Tourists can also purchase all of these catches in the form of fresh, smoked, and dry-salted items, prepared dishes. Obviously, you can enjoy excellent local meals at any restaurant.

The Matapedia Valley is one of prime destination for hunting and fishing in Gapesie and many fishermen come here for trout fishing, open-sea fishing and even ice fishing, in winter. Another destination is Matane, where salmon fishers are always in action.

Anyway, fishing holds an important place in the lifestyle of the Gaspesians. Many inhabitants do commercial fishing for living and many tourists from Quebec, Canada and the United States come here to practice recreational fishing, ice fishing, or fishing off of wharves. You can always meet colourful people that take malicious pleasure in telling you a large number of stories about the day’s catches, stories that are peppered with anecdotes and popular stories.

Many fish approach the shore from June to September, so generally it’s the best time for fishing in Gaspesie.

A few museums and historical sites dedicated to the history of fishing in Gaspesie, can be visited here, among them the site historic of Fishing-Banc-of-Paspebiac and other sites.

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